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Ole Schildknecht

VTS Verbindungs Technischer Service oHG
Kirchweg 95
24558 Henstedt-Ulzburg


Das o.g. Unternehmen ist folgenden Behörden zugehörig:

  • Handelskammer Lübeck unter HRA Nr. 1447, eingetragen beim Amtsgericht Norderstedt
  • Berufsgenossenschaft der Elektrotechnik und Feinmechanik

Hauptverwaltung Köln
Gustav-Heinemann-Ufer 130
50968 Köln
Telefon (02 21) 37 78-0

Umsatzsteuer Identifikationsnummer (Ust.Id.): DE 232 805 560


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Service & Maintenance

The company VTS oHG does not only stand for high quality and long lasting products but also primalary for friendly and helpful customer relationship and services.

Free-of-charge machine components sampling

Detail bemusterungWe can offer you a free of charge sampling of your components on our machines to seek out which kind of rivet type and rivet processing goes with your needs. This allows an optimal interaction between your components and our products. In case of not being convinced an appointment on location can be arranged as well to sample parts on your own.

In the next step we develope and construct our products on high-end CAD computer systems which allow a quick and convenient workflow. With this process products will be adjusted to your 3D data to give you a complete illustration of the development. 

Connecting element sampling

As well as manufacturing we can also supply you with appropriate connecting elements like every kind of rivets. Your advantage: A complete fulfillment, including machines, rivet supply and services.

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Reparation services

In uncommon case of product errors our customer services have highest priority. We are proud to offer you a competent fixing service on the spot:

  • 48hrs within Europe

The Company

A short history of VTS riveting technology

vts front1The company VTS Verbindungs Technischer Service oHG was founded on 1st January in 1987. Since that time the company is a member of the companionship of precision mechanics and electronics. Also registered in the german commercial register VTS holds a membership in the chamber of industry and commerce. For more than 35 years founder and chair man Ulrich Schildknecht gained experience in the segment of rivet technology. Before he became self-dependant he had operated as technical supervisor at the british company "Bifurcated Engineering" being responsible for planning and general management as well as commercial procuration.

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Developing innovative riveting processing

Since 1972 he had significant influence in developing the innovative "STANZNIETVERFAHREN" mainly in Bifurcated's Headquarters BT+R in Aylesbury/UK. Since its foundation the company VTS oHG developed constantly. In the meantime junior chair man Ole Schildknecht has joined the executive suite to tie in with constant growth and success of VTS. At the beginning the production of rivet machines was realized in a hired hall, but in August 1988 already the location moved into a new building in commercial area of Henstedt-Ulzburg, nearby the city of Hamburg.


Expandation & Growth globally operating 

To adopt to fast expandation and growth of VTS this building has been extended several times. Range of products contains manufacturing and distribution of fully automatic self-piercing riveting machines and special constructions, as well as the equivalent rivet tools and rivets.


VTS // Riveting Technology - made in Germany

Globally operating since 1987

The name "VTS Verbindungstechnik" stands for highest quality rivet machine manufacturing. Not only we provide standard riveting machines and special constructions, but also module heads and rivet supply are part of our business. As a matter of course "made in Germany" ensures your company highest manufacturing quality as well as fast and reliable international service standards.


Machines & Modules

  • Standard Machines
    Our machine series 150 and 300. Robust and versatile made for a wide range of applications.
  • SpecialConstructions
    Special machines for various applications, ranged from heat shield handling and riveting to complex garage door systems.
  • Module Heads
    Generating maximum power on little space - the module heads stand for variability

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Rivet Supply & Tools

  • Rivet manufacturing
    Quality machines do not work reliable with inapplicable rivets. Our wide on-stock range of sampling rivets let us provide a quick and 100% matching solution for your production.   


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  • Riveting Tools
    Coose from a variable product range containing plungers, pockets and anvils.


Machines tools

Service & Maintenance

VTS offers an exceptional and internationally outstanding service. We offer:

  • Free-of-Charge sampling of machine components
  • Free-of-Charge connecting element sampling
  • 48hrs on location reparation service within Europe 


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Please get in touch with us using the form below. Apart from that we are happy to answer your direct call.

Company details:


Verbindungs Technischer Service
Kirchweg 95
24558 Henstedt-Ulzburg

Phone +49 - 4193 - 1222

Facsimile +49 - 4193 - 1770 

Email: info@vts-verbindungstechnik.com 



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The VTS module heads

Horizontal Module Riveting Heads HZA-50


Horizontal Riveting Heads 60-2/ 50.4


Module Riveting Heads


Robot Riveting Heads